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4VOO Confidence Corrector 5g


4VOO Confidence Corrector 5g


Covers and Hides


4VOO Confidence Corrector covers and hides:

-Unwanted blemishes

-Dark circles under the eyes



-Other marks anywhere on your body

Contains 10 botanical extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and substances derived from natural sources

4VOO Confidence Correctors come in four different colors and may be blended to match most skin tones. 4VOO Confidence Correctors contain UVA/UVB sunscreen.

Correctors are used to hide blemishes, discoloration, tattoos, and other marks that you are uncomfortable with, anywhere on your body. Correctors may also be used to add color to your complexion to give you a natural vibrant appearance when you need it most.

Using the confidence corrector color closest to your complexion, rub the stick over the area you wish to cover. Using your finger or a makeup sponge, gently blend the corrector into the surrounding skin. Start with a small amount and continue to layer until the desired result is obtained. It is common to purchase two or more colors to mix for the desired result.

Usage Instructions:
If applying confidence corrector to your face, complete your skin care regime first.


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