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Comedo Suction Beauty Device


Comedo Suction Beauty Device

$79.90 $55.90

Comedo suction blackhead remover has 4 different beauty heads to exfoliate dead skin, reduce blackheads, provide suction to increase blood flow, and tighten to remove lines and wrinkles. Your skin will be left smoother, clearer and tightened with more elasticity and less fine lines.

-Multiple Function: Coarse pore, rough skin, dark skin, exfoliate dead skin, blackhead and pore of skin, dirt nose and Firm and Improve skin elasticity.

-Advanced Technology: Diamond microdermabrasion therapy and vacuum therapy. Charging station makes the charging more convenient and safer. Easy to clean mouth head. Rechargeable.

-Strong Suction: Deeply cleansing suction , Remove skin impurities especially the dead skin and blackheads effectively, Improves your skin tone and pore appearance.

-Efficient Absorption: Resurfacing procedure, exfoliating the dead skin cells, get best absorbed and permeated than the usual.

-Skin-Friendly: Safety and none-irritate, suitable for both sensitive and normal skin. The skin will be smooth and delicate.

Non-invasive and non-irritating technology, using more than 100,000 micro-crystal drilling particles with vacuum suction to eliminate the outer layer of aging skin and pores of the dirt so that the pores can be cleaner, and your skin will be smooth, white and tender. Best microdermabrasion and blackheads vacuum suction removal device and extraction tools treatment at home, spa or travel.

Important things to know before using the product:

  1. Our product has a stronger suction than others, Please Start with the lowest level of suction,1-2 minutes MAX will be recommended if you use it for the first time.
  2. Hold and move it back and forth, Don’t keeping or staying on the same place more than 3 seconds, just move it around gently, otherwise, it may hurt the skin or leave a bruise.
  3. It is completely normal to have slight bruising for the first 2 days of use. Your skin will get back to normal later on. Each time use should be limited to a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes. Please don’t get discouraged by the bruises.
  4. After the treatment, use the iced facial sheet mask or cold water to calm the skin and close the pores.
  5. It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks of 3 treatments per week to see visibly significant results.
  6. Please tolerate the LIGHT BRUISING & REDNESS for the first few days. It’s completely normal in the beginning.

Product feature and handling:

  • Press the +/- to adjust the power from level 1 to 5.
  • After using, take out the heads to clean and keep it dry.
  • The device charge by USB cable on a regular mobile charger.

Package Includes:

  1. 1 x Comedo Suction Device
  2. 1 x USB charge cable
  3. 4 x head nozzles
  4. 4 x Sponges filter
  5. 2 x Waterproof rubber aprons


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