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4VOO Uber TECH Intensive Multi-peptide Copper Elixir 30ml


4VOO Uber TECH Intensive Multi-peptide Copper Elixir 30ml
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immediate visible smoothing effect

super concentrated formula with peptides used by plastic surgeons, infused with stem cell technology
4VOO’s uber TECH  intensive multi-peptide copper elixir is the ultimate science and technology in men’s skin care:

  • copper peptides developed for plastic surgeons
  • the most advanced peptides
  • peptides with platinum
  • peptides imitating botulinum toxin-like effect
  • the most recent stem cell technology
  • polarized water


designed exclusively for men, uber TECH intensive multi-peptide copper elixir  is a luxurious and unique formula that acts naturally to reactivate tired and aging skin. see visible results with our transformative elixir packed with natural extracts and peptides. our proprietary blend of ingredients works with testosterone to produce immediate effects you can see and feel:

  • immediate smoothing effect
  • retinol-like activity
  • incredible visible reduction of wrinkles
  • visible skin remodeling
  • amplifies production of collagen
  • increased skin stem cell vitality
  • boosts epidermal regeneration
  • improves skin barrier function
  • visibly reduce wrinkle depth and length
  • accelerates would healing
  • skin appears more radiant and youthfullines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, and skin feels smoother, more supple, and softer to the touch

the thinning of skin and decreasing efficiency of the skin’s circulatory system causes skin to wrinkle, lose moisture, and become slack, rough, and less youthful looking as we age. uber TECH intensive multi-peptide copper elixir’s four key ingredients, copper peptides, platinum, stem cell technology, polarized water contribute to its unsurpassed effectiveness.

Usage Instructions:

After cleansing with 4VOO facial balancing cleanser, gently pat your face dry with a clean towel; then prime your skin with 4VOO balancing skin toner. dab uberTECH intensive multi-peptide copper elixir onto your forehead, cheekbones, chin, and neck, gently smoothing it over the skin, working from the outside of the face towards the center. your skin will appear more radiant, smoother, glowing, and more vibrant with fewer visible wrinkles.


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